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Understand yourself

Understand Yourself: Uncover the Why Behind Your Choices

Ever found yourself wondering how a seemingly right decision led to unexpected challenges? Or maybe life feels great, but a lingering sadness persists without clear cause? It's okay; we've all been there.

In the hustle of daily life, it's easy to slip into autopilot, doing things the way we always have without truly understanding why. But what if you could break free from that cycle?

That's where I come in. Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery together. By delving into self-introspection and fostering self-awareness, we can uncover the underlying reasons behind your actions. This newfound understanding empowers you to make choices that align with your true self, paving the way for a more fulfilling life.

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Understand others

Connect and Communicate: Navigating Relationships

Ever feel like the spark in your relationship has dimmed, leaving you puzzled about how to reignite it? Perhaps you find yourselves in constant arguments, despite just wanting to get along.

Relationships evolve, and sometimes a bit of translator help is all you need to reestablish understanding and non-destructive communication. That's where couples counseling comes in—it's your safe space to reconnect.

In our sessions, I act as a neutral mediator, providing a secure environment for open dialogue. Together, we'll explore not only your individual selves but also the unique dynamics that make up your relationship. It's a journey to rediscover yourselves and each other, fostering a deeper connection and harmonious communication.

Ready to bridge the gap and strengthen your relationship? Let's embark on this transformative experience together.

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Adopt to change

Adapt to Changes: Embrace the New Chapter

Life recently threw a major change your way—maybe a new job, relocating to a different country, completing your education, or facing job loss. The new situation feels like uncharted territory, and you're seeking guidance to navigate the challenges and opportunities it brings.

In our online counseling sessions, I'm here to be your compass through the sea of emotions that come with significant life changes. Together, we'll explore effective ways not only to cope with the transition but also to view it as a chance for self-discovery.

If you find yourself overwhelmed or unsure about the new path, let's work through it. Change, whether positive or challenging, can be a powerful opportunity to understand your authentic self better.

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Improve communication

Improve Communication: Make Your Voice Heard

Ever found yourself in discussions where it feels like your point isn't landing? Maybe others don't seem to respect your boundaries, and saying no is a bit of a challenge. If so, you're not alone, effective communication can be a game-changer, and feeling misunderstood is all too common.

In our counseling sessions, let's delve into your communication world. We'll closely examine your current patterns and work together on subtle changes that can make a significant difference. The goal? Ensuring that your voice is not just heard but truly understood. Whether it's asserting yourself in discussions or setting boundaries, we'll navigate these nuances together.

Feeling discouraged because your message isn't getting through? It happens, and we're here to shift that narrative. Ready to empower your communication skills and be confidently heard? Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

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Why should you choose me as your counsellor?


Guiding individuals through various life stages, I'm a dedicated Psychologist and licensed Psychotherapist with a passion for fostering self-discovery.

What sets me apart is not just my professional background but also my firsthand experience living in a foreign country, navigating its challenges and excitements.

Choosing me means choosing a counselor who brings both expertise and relatability to the table, ensuring a personalized and transformative journey tailored just for you.


In my therapeutic approach, authenticity is key. I value transparency, honesty, and openness. Our counseling space is a safe haven for real, sometimes challenging, conversations—from everyday thoughts to significant life hurdles. I believe in fostering genuine connections where you feel heard.

Humor is also part of my personal style, adding a touch of lightness to our sessions. This blend of authenticity, open dialogue, and a bit of humor creates a unique and effective counseling experience, tailored just for you.


I create a compassionate and empathic space for you to openly share your story and struggles. Honest conversations without judgment are central to my approach, focusing on understanding yourself and navigating destructive patterns.

Throughout the counseling journey, the pace is entirely guided by your needs.

Online counselling limits

Please not that I am based and licensed as a therapist in Germany. According to the German psychotherapy regulations the here offered online counselling service does not constitute psychotherapy in the sense of the German psychotherapy regulations. At the moment psychotherapy according to German law is only possible with a face-to-face diagnostic process.

Furthermore the psychological counselling service offered here is not suited for all psychological issues, crisis or severe mental health disorders. In those cases you should contact a local psychotherapist or psychiatrist. In an acute psychological crisis you can also always call the emergency lines of your country or specially established mental health hotline. These hotline are available around the clock and can help you without delay.

If you are unsure whether the online counselling is suitable for you, we can explore that together during the free introductory session.

My offers

The intake session is obligatory if you want to book further sessions.
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single session
€ 100

1 x 50 Minutes session

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  • Single one on one session
  • Good for flexible check in
  • One month validity from purchase date
Basic Package
€ 400

5 x 50 Minutes sessions 

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  • Five one on one sessions
  • Good for focusing on a specific topic
  • Three months validity from purchase date
  • 20% saving compared to single session
Premium Package
€ 750

10 x 50 Minutes sessions 

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  • Ten one on one sessions
  • Good for deep diving into topics
  • Six months validity from purchase date
  • 25% saving compared to single session